1. Can the fitLight Trainer™ system be used outdoors?
    Answer:  The system is designed to be used outdoors and indoors and for all seasons. The fitLight Trainer™ is easily visible in sunlight .It has a 50 metre communication range.
  2.  Is the fitLight Trainer™ system water resistant?
    Answer:  Yes, the system is water resistant.
  3. Can the fitLight Trainer™ system flash different colours ?
    Answer:  The system can flash or display an endless array of colours as defined by the user. It has a full colour palette.
  4. What is the operating life of the lights before recharging is required?
    Answer:  The batteries have a minimum 4 hour operating life before requiring a re-charge.
  5. What is the operating range of the fitLight Trainer™?
    Answer:  The lights can transmit data from up to 50 metres away from the controller. It is possible that the range is greater outdoors to 75 metres.
  6.  Can the fitLight Trainer™ be operated with different groups with different routines using the same controller?
    Answer: The lights can be operated with different groups and with different routines by a single controller and data for each group is recorded independently.
  7.  What is the price of the fitLight Trainer™ ?
    Answer:  Please contact us for a quotation with your requirements.
  8.  How much space is required to use the fitLight Trainer™?
    Answer:  The fitLight Trainer™ can be used in a small 10’ by 10’ area depending on the type of exercises or expanded to be used outdoors in a stadium.
  9. Is the fitLight Trainer™ system portable?
    Answer:  Yes, the system is fully portable with the stand and accessories.
  10. Can the system be permanently mounted to a wall?
    Answer:  Yes, the system can be permanently mounted to a wall without the need for removing the lights to be recharged.
  11. Are there examples of routines that are recommended for training exercises?
    Answer:  Yes, there is a library of routines illustrating various training applications and routines on the web site.
  12. Can additional lights be ordered with the system?
    Answer: Yes, additional lights can be ordered with the system at any time. A total of 32 lights can be ordered to be used with 1 Controller.
  13. What is the delivery time for the fitLight Trainer™?
    Answer:  Delivery of the fitLight Trainer™ anywhere in the world is within 7-10 business days upon of receipt of order and payment.
  14. Is the data recorded from the fitLight Trainer™ routines and tests downloadable to a data base for analysis and athlete performance tracking?
    Answer:  Yes, all data collected can be downloaded to data base on any computer running Excel. The data can then be manipulated as required to create the relevant statistics for each athlete.
  15. How is the data downloaded to the computer?
    Answer:  The data can be downloaded by Bluetooth connection or by using the USB port on the controller to the computer.
  16. Are there any other products that are being developed by Fitlight Sports Corp?
    Answer:  Yes, Fitlight Sports Corp. is committed to developing revolutionary products to assist in sports excellence, injury recovery and prevention. Stay tuned to the web site for future releases of products.
  17. Can the fitLight Trainer™ do base line testing?
    Answer:  The fitLight Trainer™ is designed to accurately do base line testing compared to other systems that claim to do so. The fitLight Trainer™ system can be programmed to repeat the same test to establish a true base line measurement!!! Other systems are not programmable to repeat the routine, they are randomly generated and therefore the test that is used for base line testing changes with every test run. This is not true base line testing as is claimed by some vision machine manufacturers.
  18. What is the warranty period for the fitLight Trainer™ System?
    Answer:  The fitLight Trainer™ is warrantied for a period of 1 year from date of receipt. Additional warranty information can be read in the warranty section of this web site.
  19. Is the fitLight Trainer™ easier to use as a Vision Training system over other systems that are available?
    Answer:  Yes, definitely. The fitLight Trainer™ actually enables the athlete to fully exercise his vision by enabling ergonomic deactivation of the lights. Other vision training systems require the athlete to hit small buttons with one or three fingers which regularly ends in a miss hit, even though the athlete saw the light in the appropriate time. Additionally the lights that are positioned low on these machines require unorthodox hand movements to facilitate a hit which in most cases results in a miss hit even though the light was seen and an attempt was made to deactivate. Therefore the data that is generated is worthless and does not readily translate to vision or reaction improvement on the playing field.